Cycling in Manchester

Where can you lock up your bike?

Published March 2018

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Manchester has a number of facilities for cyclists to store their bicycles.

Cycle Hubs, Lockers, & Street Parking

Cycle Hubs – safe, secure, under cover, with CCTV and swipe-card entry systems – are run by Transport for Greater Manchester, and require membership. Some also have showers! The Hub located at Stockport Rail Station is run by NCP.

Bike lockers are mostly part of the Bike Lockers Users' Club (BLUC), where you secure your bike to a stand inside a locker. Bike Lockers are run by Transport for Greater Manchester, and also require membership. More information can be found here.

Finally we have regular street parking, where you can lock your bike to a stand.

Cycle routes are mapped out below. Notice how cycle routes and bike locking facilities are not always co-located.

Data Sources

  • Cycle Hubs
  • Cycle Lockers
  • Cycle Parking
  • Cycle Routes
  • More Manchester transport data can be found here.