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I studied neuroscience for almost 10 years in Cardiff and Manchester, UK, and indulged my artistic side at home (no distracting internet!). In 2009 I flew to the USA to work at the National Institute of Health in Baltimore where I was forced to code. I began in R, then moved to Python and loved it! While in Baltimore, I was also doing night classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art which then introduced a new Master of Professional Studies in Information Visualization. To combine my new-found love for coding with my established love for science and research, I decided to leave scientific research and pursue data-driven storytelling (or data journalism) and data visualisation.

So I did the master’s, then completed a certificate in Data Science, and then got hired as a research scientist in the Computational Journalism lab at the University of Maryland, USA (which has now moved to Northwestern).

In the autumn of 2017 I left the USA and started out by myself with Foxling so I can create visual essays or data-driven stories on topics that are important or interesting to me. These will be showcased here. I am also available to hire, so feel free to hit the email button at the bottom of this page.


Tools of my trade are mostly Python-based for data collection, wrangling, and analysis. For visualisation, my go-to is D3.js, but I am also experimenting with the python browser-based visualisation library Bokeh, and mapping libraries like leaflet.js.

  • Data Analysis / Wrangling: Python – Jupyter, statsmodels, SciPy, sklearn, openCV, keras, NLTK
  • Data Collection: APIs, FOIA, web scraping (Selenium, BeautifulSoup, requests), MTurk
  • Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn, statsmodels, Adobe Illustrator, CARTO, D3.js
  • Web: HTML/CSS with Bootstrap templates, Flask/Jinja2, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Design: Adobe Creative Suite, paper & pencil, Paper (FiftyThree, Inc.), wireframing, UX/UI
  • Other: QGIS, OpenRefine, MySQL, SQLite, AWS, Git/GitHub (& gh-pages), reveal.js
  • Contact me

    I love storytelling, exploring ideas, learning new things, and putting a good plan together. I hope to bring these aspects together in a role helping people to communicate information in concise and engaging ways to a variety of audiences.

    If you have data, and you are searching for compelling data insights to engage your users, readers, donors or investers in the form of:

  • visual essays / data journalism
  • data visualisations
  • data analysis
  • consultation
  • then get in touch!

    Please include a timeline if you have one, and a description of your vision.